Our Concept

Nordik Entreprenor has led the field with experienced personnel, resources, equipment, and the knowledge of constructions. And, a singular commitment to excellence in each and every segment of the course.

Private Clients


Nodik Entrepenor Company offers professional services in constructions, new buildings, extensions or renovations. We accept any challenge.

  • We dispose of the necessary experience to advise you regarding the budget, construction methods, choosing the materials and the latest trends.
  • We also dispose of qualified personnel; we use materials of the finest quality and the best suppliers. This way we succeed to maintain a high quality standard and deadlines above average execution time.

It's never too late to love your home!

  • Your House can achieve its maximum potential throu a though planning, smart updates and a professional team. We can help you to create the perfect home suitable to your budget and style.
  • We will always collaborate whit our clients to achieve the balance between quality, price and execution time.


  • We have in our team Smith for reinforced concrete, carpenters for foundations, structures, screeds and surroundings.
  • Bricklayers and carpenters for all types of constructions: structures and panels for wooden houses, interior and exterior carpentry, insulations, creeds, frameworks and roofing, walls and divisions.
  • Regarding the finishes as plasterboard, plaster, paint, lime, stucco, tiles, flooring and parquet we can face any challenges.


Our Mission & Objectives

Our mission is to develop a first class range of services, complex and flexible in the constructions area.

Our objectives:

  • To generate a added value to our clients
  • To develop strong partnerships in the constructions area
  • National coverage for our services


First of all, your attention to detail was fantastic. But even more impressive was your ability to build to our extremely high standards on such a challenging and steep property. It is safe to say that our dream home simply would not exist without the efforts you made.

Andras Nordstrand

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