High resistance

Our company offers alternatives to traditional concrete and asphalt pavements.



Exterior Paving

  • Combineing our expertise in installation with innovative products that offer a wide variety of shapes, colors and textures –the result is way over traditional pavements.
  • Our segmental pavement systems are long lasting, cost effective, structurally sound and environmentally friendly.
  • Our teams of pavement specialists utilize the best installation and compaction equipment specifically designed for the segmental pavement industry. This equipment along with advanced construction techniques gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors.

Pavers characteristics

  • High resistance to wear and abrasion
  • Resistant to UV, frost and de-icing salt
  • Technological rapid handle and mounted
  • Wide range of designs and colors allows original works
  • Easy and inexpensive maintenance
  • Allow access for underground utilities repair
  • Reduction in project costs for drainage and retention systems
  • Reduce impact of costly compliance regulations
  • Permit efficient land-use of development land for highest value
  • Reduce or eliminate storm water runoff
  • Reduce downstream flooding erosion in streambeds and riverbanks
  • Promote rainwater infiltration and natural groundwater recharge

Our Mission & Objectives

Our mission is to develop a first class range of services, complex and flexible in the constructions area.

Our objectives:

  • To generate a added value to our clients
  • To develop strong partnerships in the constructions area
  • National coverage for our services


First of all, your attention to detail was fantastic. But even more impressive was your ability to build to our extremely high standards on such a challenging and steep property. It is safe to say that our dream home simply would not exist without the efforts you made.

Andras Nordstrand

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