Improved technologies

Skillful coordination and cost effective results. For our customers, these are the first returns on a profitable investment.


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Houses built on wooden frame

  • The system we promote allows more judicious use of the wood; it ensures the elastic behavior of the frame and avoids stress concentration by dissipation and assembly space communication.
  • The wood it’s treated with modern methods and provides the same constructive and functional performance and the same lifespan as the similar building made in masonry, concrete and steel

Wooden House Mount

  • In order to decrease the working times on site, the walls shall be delivered in closed or semi-closed panels (wood, OSB, mineral wool, foil) and the boards and the roof in cut-to-size elements.
  • The projects proposed by the customers are processed by our specialists and the specific design is performed using state-of-the art software.
  • After signing the contract, within 60 days the components are ready to be shipped and the mount. The foundation can be cast by our company, or by the client.
  • The mounting takes around 25 days (for a 120-150 square meter house).


Building materials

  • The wood currently used is high quality spruce fir and fir tree, pollution free, according to EUROCODE 5, the wood these companies use is primarily compliant with C18 and C22 Classes (for walls, board beams and frames) and by selection with C30 Class, recommended in glued laminated beam and truss roof.
  • The wood treatment occurs by immersion or brush impregnation (Czech Republic), European accredited substance and for thermite areas, Wolsit treatment is used (Germany). An enhanced strength to microorganisms, cavities, wood humidity is achieved and the fire resistance increases as well.
  • The bottoms connecting the lower wall beams and the concrete foundation is treated mainly by vacuum and pressure (Class 4 Eurocode 5) with Tanalith E (England).
  • OSB in standard variant (OSB 3) is manufactured by Kronoply (Poland) and complies with Class NF EN 120 – E1 but for large orders we may deliver, in the same price range, OSB 4 PUR (Germany) with 0% phenol formaldehyde.
  • The heat insulation is in mineral wool ISOVER DOMO with a density of 13 kg/mc, λ = 0,039 W/m˚K.
  • The protection foils are Jutafol (Slovenia) or DELTA Worken (Germany), depending on the complexity of the work and comply with standard NF EN 1931.
  • The mounting nails are SENCO (USA) and provide for chemical binding.
  • The space protection and stability parts are SIMPSON (USA).
  • The windows and doors are PVC or glued lamellar wood and the Argon double glazing window ensures k= 1,1 W.m2˚K.
  • The drywall and the roof covering will be acquired depending on the beneficiary requirement, on the Norway market (KNAUF, TEGOLA).
  • The facade sheathing may be made in reinforced plaster applied on AUSTROTHERM façade polystyrene or dense mineral wool paneling ISOVER FDP (50 kg/mc, λ = 0,033 W/m˚K).

Our Mission & Objectives

Our mission is to develop a first class range of services, complex and flexible in the constructions area.

Our objectives:

  • To generate a added value to our clients
  • To develop strong partnerships in the constructions area
  • National coverage for our services


We got completely renovated two rooms in the basement. From useless to delightful two weeks. Thorough work and good support all the way. Pleasant and efficient guys who did it was desired by them and that fixes the chores without delay! Great! :)

K. Gløersen

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